Bubbly POP Lemonade Advert

"Take 1” a man said as he snapped the clapboard to signal to roll the tape.
The clapboard bared the words ‘Bubbly POP Lemonade avert ... Take 1
This was a new brand of lemonade eager to set themselves apart from similar companies by creating an advert for TV.

Amongst the set, lighting and props, a stood a tall man who was accompanied by a boy and a girl that were casted to resemble his children.

“Start already!” Boomed the flamboyantly dressed director, “I didn’t pay you to stand around looking gormless!! Lights, Camera, Action begin!!”

With that the scene came to life ... after 47 takes and a mere 3 and a half hours the ad was complete and ready to be broadcasted over 27 channels on mainstream TV.

The product became a worldwide success often known for its trademark catchphrase towards the end of the advert ...

‘It looks just like a glass of water ... Although Bubbly POP Lemonade is more than that!  It’s packed with that lemony taste to quench your thirst!

- Sadie


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