The Domino Effect

“See you later today,” said Harley to Indie
“Meet at the ‘Dominos” they said in unison.

Indie had lived in Chaifield since the day she was born. She had grown up there
and has watched the city undertake changes to morph it into the town today.

The locals have always used the phrase ‘meet at the Dominos’ or ‘see you at
the Dominos’ as the memorial was a key feature of Chaifield. In a city full of
grey the two towering Dominos created a haven for people of all ages to gather.

When Indie arrived at the ‘Dominos’ she noticed a multitude of people gathering
around the infamous sculpture. “Who could of done this” …. “It’s an offence to
the law”… “It an act of vandalism”  Said members of the public.

She wiggled her way through the crowd to be confronted by the words ‘AVENGE
scrawled across the domino on the left.

“What could this mean for Chaifield?” was the question on everyone's


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